Breakfast recipes for a week

Warm Breakfast courtesy of the Thermomix

Really cold mornings are few and far between here in subtropical Brisbane, but when we get them, we really feel them.  We are going through a cold snap at the moment and the thought of eating a nice warm breakfast makes it so much easier to drag myself out of bed to face the day.  Luckily having a Thermomix TM6 on my bench means that I can keep getting ready for work while it makes my breakfast for me.  Doing a quick search through Cookidoo, I put together the breakfast menu below for the next week.  These are just a few of the many many recipes that are available.  Click on the image below to download a pdf with clickable links to Cookidoo Australia.

This morning I made the Porridge with Pear Compote.  This is a recipe from a British & Ireland collection and calls for a variety of pears that is not commonly found here in Australia.  I substituted some Packham Pears as they were on special at a local supermarket.  I don’t mind the texture of the skin of pears and apples in compotes so took a shortcut and didn’t worry about peeling the pears  which made the prep for the dish even quicker.  I added two minutes to the cook time for the compote as the pears were still very firm and needed a slightly longer cooking time to soften.  I don’t know whether porridge oats in the UK are different to Australia’s “rolled oats”, but next time I make this recipe, I will add a few minutes to the porridge cook time as members of my family felt the oats were not “quite” cooked enough.  The total hands on time to make this recipe would have been less than 5 minutes.

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