Stock Pastes & Nut Butters

One of the best things about owning a Thermomix, is being able to make your own stock pastes, curry pastes and nut butters (pastes) from scratch. Not only is it great to know exactly what is going into your pastes and to be able to tweak them to suit your personal preferences…..the smell and fragrance of them is amazing. They are so much better than your run of the mill grocery store pastes and butters!

Vegetable Stock Paste, Cashew Nut Butter and Thai Red Curry Paste
Vegetable Stock Paste, Cashew Nut Butter and Thai Red Curry Paste

There are quite a few recipes on Cookidoo for vegetable stock pastes, meat stock pastes, chicken stock pastes and even a mushroom stock paste.  These pastes are ideal for using up vegetable discards and meat/chicken offcuts.  You can even use up the dregs of frozen vegetables that seem to mount up in the freezer.  The vegetable stock paste on the left of the photo was made with 700g of home brand frozen vegetables as I was desperately in need of stock paste and desperately short of fresh vegetables.

The Vegetable Stock Paste and the Thai Red Curry Paste were basics made for the first day of the new “30 Minutes or Less” 28 Day Meal Plan that can be found on the Thermomix Australia website at 28 Day Meal Plans . This is a free meal plain that includes recipes from right across Cookidoo that are all quick, easy and under 30 minutes to prepare.  There is a great selection of recipes that can be used for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a snack.  Best of all……it is available for free.  Follow the plan for the 28 days and you will be amazed what you can do with the Thermomix!

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