Mashed Potato – Thermomix

Anyone who know me well, knows that I am not a big potato fan. My family however are, particularly the mashed potato variety. Prior to the TM31 coming into my life, I NEVER made mashed potato from scratch. I grew up eating instant mashed potato and never mastered cooking potatoes in a saucepan on a stove. The TM31 made mashed potato a regular feature of our dinner plate.

Guided cooking in the TM5 and TM6 has made making mashed potato even easier. There are several recipes available in Cookidoo, including the classic “Mashed Potato” – Basic Cookbook, Australia & New Zealand. Another one that is on my “To Make” list is the “Garlic Mashed Potato” – Basic Cookbook, United States, as well as the “Pumpkin Mashed Potato” – Seasonal Squash, United States.

The best mashed potato is made with a floury potato such as a Coliban or King Edward although an all rounder like a Desiree, Pontiac or Sebago can also be used. Prior to mashing, make sure that the potatoes are well cooked and break apart easily (test with a knife). If you like a “chunkier” style of potato mash, reduce the speed to 3 and the time to around 15 seconds in the final step.

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