Thermomix TM6 Rice Cooker Mode

Rice Cooker Mode – TM6

The rice cooker mode is a new feature of the TM6 that was introduced a few month ago. It is not limited to just rice, but can be used to cook various grains including bulghur, millet and spelt, to name just a few. The rice cooker mode is a change from the way that rice was historically cooked in a Thermomix. Most Thermomix users would be familiar with the method of cooking rice in the internal steam basket with water underneath. The rice cooker mode allows for the rice to be cooked in a more traditional manner submerged in water. For more information, this is a youtube video provided by Thermomix Australia

It has taken me a little while to warm to the idea of using the rice cooker mode, as I am so comfortable with the old way of doing things. The advantage of using the rice cooker mode as opposed to using the internal basket, is that not only does the Thermomix work out the timing for you, but you can also add seasonings and other ingredients to the rice.

Rice in Thermomix TM6 Bowl
Rice in Water in TM6 bowl
Thermomix TM6 Rice Cooker Mode
Rice Cooker Mode – using Cookidoo Guide Recipe – Jasmine Rice

Tonight I cooked Jasmine Rice to go with Malay-style Coconut Chicken (Breast Fillets). The chicken was cooked on the BBQ (using the Meater +) and the rice in the TM6. I added some microwaved frozen peas and corn to the rice after it was cooked, although I could have added them frozen towards the end of the TM6 cooking cycle. I made use of the guided cooking functionality for simplicity. I have my rice prebagged into reusable bags in appropriate portions of 300g for four people. I just have to add the appropriate amount of water, in this case 450g of water and select the rice cooker mode. I do make sure that I rinse my rice until the rinse water runs clear as I believe this give a better end result.

Bagged Jasmine Rice ready for Thermomix TM6 Rice Cooker Mode
Prebagged Jasmine Rice
Cooked Jasmine Rice - Thermomix TM6 Rice Cooker Mode
Cooked Jasmine Rice – TM6 Rice Cooker Mode
Malay-Style Coconut Chicken cooked with the Meater +
Malay-style Coconut Chicken Breast Fillets – cooked on BBQ using the Meater +

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