Thermomix Small Batch Preserving Fourth Burner Pot

Thermomix Small Batch Preserving

Thermomix Small Batch Preserving

The Thermomix is ideal for doing small batches of jams, sauces, chutneys and relishes. Cookidoo has a great range of recipes and you can spend many hours surfing the site looking at recipes from across the globe. We may not be able to travel the globe at the moment but your dinner table can have condiments from every corner of the world.

One of my favourites is the Currywurst Sauce from the Marinades Collection, UK and Ireland. That particular recipe reminds me of the currywurst that we bought outside Munich Railway Station many years ago. I often use half the recipe for the meal, and bottle the other half for future use.

Currywurst Sausages
Traditional German Currywurst

Another great source for recipes is the Recipe Community. There are a heap of family recipes that people have converted and shared for the Thermomix. If you have fond memories of a recipe that your Aunt, Grandmother or Great Uncle Charlie made, you stand a good chance of finding it on there.

Dani Valent, a well known Thermomix recipe author, has just shared a great looking recipe called “Double Trouble Fennel and Tomato Chutney” which is going on my MUST MAKE list.

Water Bathing & Safe Preserving

There are many websites that are available to give you information on safe preserving techniques and hints and tips. Two of my favourites are Ball Preserving and National Center for Home Food Preservation. Fowlers Vacola is a well known Australian company who has been providing guidance and supplies for home preserving for many years. Another great site for small batch preserving information is Marisa McClellan’s

Water bath preserving kits like the Ball Preserving Kit can be purchased in specialist kitchenware stores, Big W, and online sites. You can also just start with a large pot, trivet and some good quality jars. One of my favourite pots for preserving is a “Fourth Burner Pot” from Kuhn Rikon that has an internal basket. It is deep enough to waterbath small jars, and the basket makes it easy to lift jars in and out. A good jar lifter is essential, if you are using a big pot, to help safely lift hot jars in and out of the water.

Kuhn Rikon Fourth Burner Pot
Internal Basket Kuhn Rikon Pot

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