Thermomix Pot Set Yoghurt

Pot Set Yoghurt using the fermentation mode

Pot set yoghurt is the ultimate convenience breakfast and making it using the Cookidoo recipe for the Thermomix TM6 is a breeze. The setup to make this recipe involves very little time and energy and it is also economical. I make my pot set yoghurt using powdered milk as my family does not use full cream milk and I have found it more economical to purchase full cream powdered milk. I divide the 1kg bag of powdered milk into smaller bags of 150g. When the guided recipe asks for 800g of full cream milk, I add one bag of full cream milk powder (150g) and 700ml of water.

Full Cream Milk Powder 150g to use in the Thermomix Pot Set Yoghurt recipe
150g of Full Cream Milk Powder
700ml of Plain Water for the Thermomix Pot Set Yoghurt Recipe
700ml of plain water instead of 800ml Full Cream Milk
150g powdered full cream milk powder added to 700ml plain water for the Thermomix Pot Set Yoghurt Recipe
Add 150g powdered full cream milk to the 700g plain water

Which Jars to use?

You need a jar that is a minimum of around 120ml and not too tall to fit in the dish of the Varoma with the lid of the Varoma on. I use Weck Tulip jars that are 220ml because I have them for doing small jars of jams and preserves, but they are not leakproof unless you purchase an additional plastic lid. There are jars available from The Mix Shop that have been designed to fit into the Varoma. I like a slightly larger jar so that I can top the yoghurt with fruit purée, fruit curd or muesli.

Weck Jars filled with Thermomix Pot Set Yoghurt in Varoma Dish
Six Weck 220ml jars in Varoma Dish

Toppings for your Thermomix Pot Set Yoghurt

Thermomix Pot Set Yoghurt ready for toppings
Thermomix Pot Set Yoghurts
Thermomix Pot Set Yoghurt topped with Lemon Curd - ready to eat
Thermomix Pot Set Yoghurt topped with Lemon Curd

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