Thermomix Recipe Fudge

Thermomix Recipe – Fudge

Thermomix Recipe – Fudge

I didn’t have a lot of time free to cook today at work, but wanted something sweet to put on the counter. I chose this recipe from Cookidoo “Fudge” from the Cooking With Sugar Stages – UK and Ireland collection. The beauty of this thermomix recipe is that it is basically a set and forget recipe. The TM6 works out the timing for you. You just have to weigh the ingredients in, start it and walk away until it chimes. Wait for the contents to cool to 80C, finish the guided steps and lick the scraper clean. The fudge is similar in texture to a Scotish Tablet but not quite as melt in the mouth.

Accuracy & Pre-Clean

When using the sugar stages mode on the Thermomix TM6, it is essential to be accurate with your measurements. The TM6 will produce very good results with correct quantities. The pre-clean functionality of the TM6 is a shining star when doing recipes using the sugar stages. It does an amazing job of getting the worst of the fudge remnants of of the side of the jug and from on the blades. Fudge has never been so easy to make.

More Recipes to Try

I am looking forward to experimenting with other confectionery recipes on Cookidoo, including the marshmallow, caramel, toffees and fine tuning the honeycomb. Hokey Pokey Ice Cream is going to have to be on my menu plan in the next couple of weeks . It may be a future challenge to see how many different variations I could make using the Vanilla Ice Cream recipe. There are so many different sauces and sweets that can now be made in the TM6 with the sugar stages mode? I don’t think that I would get too many complaints if I experiment!

Thermomix Recipe - Fudge
Poured into tin to set
Fudge after pouring into tin
Thermomix Recipe - Fudge
Cut ready for serving - Showing quality of set and texture of fudge
A sugary style of fudge compared to the one behind that is based on condensed milk

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