Thermomix Jaffa Madeleines

Thermomix Jaffa Madeleines

If you have never made a madeleine, the Thermomix recipe for Jaffa Madeleines from Cookidoo is a good one to start with. A little shell shaped spongy cake that originated in France, they are a treat with a nice cup of tea or coffee. These particular ones are chocolate with a hit of orange from orange zest. They look beautiful just dusted with icing sugar, or for an extra bit of decadence, dip the tip in some melted high quality chocolate. To make them even better, I often double dip the tips in dark chocolate and then in white chocolate. Displayed on an attractive platter, they are welcomed at any tea party or office gathering.

Where from and How to – Jaffa Madeleines:

The recipe can be found at Jaffa Madeleines from Cookidoo – Meals in a Flash, Australia and New Zealand. For ease of removal from the tin and to ensure that you get a good “shell” shape, make sure to grease and flour your tin well as instructed in the recipe. You can make your own icing sugar to dust your madeleines with by following the instructions from Cookidoo – Icing Sugar or in your Basic Cookbook.

Make the Basics

Making your own icing sugar with your Thermomix is much cheaper and more convenient than purchasing premade icing sugar. Not only will you know what is in it, but you can make the exact amount you need. Icing sugar will absorb moisture and will harden and become difficult to work with when stored for any length of time. It is just one of the many “basics” that you can make to save time and money. Other suggestions include baking powder, rice flour, wheaten flour, stock pastes and herb salts.

Thermomix Jaffa madeleines batter
Tin greased and floured ready for the Thermomix Jaffa Madeleine Batter
Thermomix Jaffa Madeleines after baking.  Two sizes - stadard and mini
Madeleines in Progress – Don’t forget to grease and flour your tin. You can make standard size or mini!

Thermomix Jaffa Madeleines powdered with Icing Sugar milled in the Thermomix TM6
Don’t forget you can make Icing Sugar in your Thermomix to dust your Jaffa Madeleines

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