Tomato Pasta Sauce

Simple does not have to be boring.  I love this basic Tomato Pasta Sauce from the Thermomix TM5 and TM6 Basic Cookbook.  Whilst it is fairly simple, being just tinned tomatoes, garlic, onion, basil and a tad of salt and sugar, you can customise it to your taste.  Add extra garlic, onion, a variety of herbs, some chilli flakes, roasted capsicum, sundried tomatoes etc.  The variations you can make are endless…have a look in the supermarket aisles for a few ideas.

Tonight I threw a jar of roasted mild peppers in at the same time as the tomatoes.  I also added a couple of extra cloves of garlic (you can never have too much garlic according to the members of my family who will NEVER be attacked by a vampire).  While the thermomix was taking care of making the sauce, I boiled some store bought tortellini to pour the sauce over.  A very effortless dinner made while on the phone talking work!

Handy Hint: The thermomix can be used to prep tomatoes for canning/freezing when they are in season and cheap.  I keep my eyes open for boxes of tomatoes at my local green grocer and chop them in the thermomix and bottle them for future use.  This pasta sauce also bottles well and is a great alternative to store bought sauces.  Make sure to follow safe preserving practices and add citric acid or lemon juice to your bottled tomatoes as required.

Home bottled tomatoes
Roasted peppers
Tomato Pasta Sauce in progress
Tomato Pasta Sauce over Tortellini

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